Morgan TeachEdit

Setting: 10, Attack: Ranged, Unlocker: Smuggler's Shop
  • Explosive Shot - Effect: Ranged AoE. "A shot that causes shrapnel wounds and can strike multiple enemies at once."
  • Blood Lust - Effect: Damage buff and HoT. "Morgan becomes furious and blood-thirsty, causing two times more damage with each shot and gradually restoring his health."
  • Cannon Salvo - Effect: Ranged AoE. "Morgan ordered a salvo of cannon fire, that can blow apart all living things and inanimate objects within (its) radius."


Damage Health Pieces of Eight Krones
Tavern Level 1
Level 1 7 16 1000 -
Level 2 8 19 200 ?
Level 3 9 22 270 ?
Tavern Level 2
Level 4 11 26 ? 120
Level 5 12 30 ? ?
Level 6 14 34 ? 200
Tavern Level 3
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9 (max level) 19 44

This hero could be unlocked in the Smuggler's Shop for 1000 Pieces of Eight during the Pirates of the Ferocious Winds event. Pieces of Eight are used for training during the event, but Krones can be used for training after the event (although it's extremely expensive!).

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